Cross cutting Issues

Environment conservation and Climate change

Our climate is changing and no other sector is impacted more than agriculture. Additionally, our rapidly growing global population demands food production to double by 2050 (FAO), while at the same time become substantially more sustainable and efficient. Groups and farmers hold the keys.  

Being the renowned specialist on group and networks development, MVIWAMA has a unique position to scale up sustainable implementation of climate-smart approaches. By including climate aspects in our approach and promoting climate-clever agricultural practices, we can support over 1 million farmers today to sustainably increase their productivity.

MVIWAMA offers services to 

  • create climate awareness, 
  • assess groups and farmer’s climate cleverness,
  • strengthen networks sustainable service provision to its members including preparation of climate resilience plans and 
  • link groups/networks to Climate Clever solutions, experts, donor, and country programs.

Woman Empowerment

One of the 2022 – 2026 goals of MVIWAMA is: 30% of the Leadership committee members of farmers at different levels of the organization are women.

MVIWAMA wants to strengthen the position of female members and leaders in farmer-owned enterprises. Therefore, they have developed a female leadership trajectory to contribute to closing the gender gap in agricultural groups and networks.

MVIWAMA has a gender toolbox designed for a member-based organization working with women, men, adults, and young people who strive to achieve economic development, by strengthening productive business development initiatives with social responsibility and justice.

The roadmap has been developed for implementation over five years (2022-2026). It is organized around three pillars (Institutionalization, Women Empowerment, and Building Alliances between Women and Men). In total, the gender mainstreaming roadmap includes 20 steps distributed across the three pillars and 25 tools that guide users throughout the journey and provide relevant insights.

To bring awareness to the importance of women in the agricultural sector, MVIWAMA shares inspiring stories of strong-willed female (future) leaders in various media. The stories are collected from inspirational women that work in groups and networks, which are members of MVIWAMA

Youth Empowerment

MVIWAMA is a regional specialist in groups and networks development. In agricultural groups and networks, farmers are aging and the number of youngsters is declining. This is a threat to the future of the sector. That’s why MVIWAMA designed a “Youth Engagement Strategy” with a variety of interventions and activities.