Rural Financing and Microfinance

Convenient access to finance and effective and appropriate use of financial resources

Lobbying and Advocacy

The advocacy and lobby approach is based on the idea that effective lobbying results in a more favorable business environment for the members of MVIWAMA and farmer groups

Farmer Training in Entrepreneurship

Farmer Entrepreneurship Brief.

Agriculture Market Control

Agriculture Market Control Brief.

Farmers Capacity Building

Expertise and experts at any level including governance and leadership, financial and operational management, financially sustainable services, Team building and group dynamics, Value Chain & Enterprise Development and many more.

Who We Are

MVIWAMA is a voluntary, non-profitable, non-political, and less discriminatory organization that aims at connecting smallholder farmers (crop growers, livestock keepers, and fisherfolks) to assist them, through their groups and networks, to improve communication amongst them and enabling the members to have a collective voice in advocacy for their social and economic rights, interests as well as to increase their political understanding.

Meet Our Coverage

MVIWAMA is working in five district on Manyara Region (Babati,Mbulu,Hanang, Simanjiro and Kiteto),
with 50 local network at the Ward Level,
320 farmers producers group and
8,239 farmers members.

About Our Partners