Farmer Entrepreneurship training

b|u|s Farmer Entrepreneur Training

Markets and value-added chains are changing faster and faster in rural areas, Markets have become more complex and global, and with new opportunities come growing risks.

Subsistence production no longer suffices, for families have an increasing need for cash, e.g. to pay for education and health services. These requirements can only be met if greater efforts are made to market agricultural raw materials or processed products on national and international markets. At the same time, we see a growing urban demand for raw materials and products.

Farmers and their family-run businesses must adapt to this new situation. Traditional know-how no longer suffices to make the most of market potential. This is where the b|u|s training scheme by the Andreas Hermes Akademie comes into play. The scheme has successfully promoted the entrepreneurial competencies of farmers for more than 25 years.

bluls gives producers and processors the possibility to adapt to the new situation, generate added value and achieve greater satisfaction. The bluls training scheme is a systematic three-stage development process. The three stages comprise modules b|u|s 1 (capacities), b|u|s 2 (enterprise), and b|u|s 3 (business plan compact) which together consist of about 60 effective training hours (spread out over 3 x 3 days).