About Us


MVIWAMA is acronym of ‘Mtandao wa Vikundi vya Wakulima na Wafugaji wa Mkoa wa Manyara’. MVIWAMA is a regional membership organization of smallholder farmers (crop growers, livestock keepers, and fisherfolks). It was established on 13th September 2006. The coordination office was established in 2008 with support from Trias Tanzania (a Belgian NGO). It is registered under Societies Act CAP. 337 R.E. 2002 with registration number S. A. 21827. MVIWAMA works in five districts of the Manyara region namely Babati, Kiteto, Simanjiro Hanang, and Mbulu with 50 local networks (at ward level) 320 farmers’ producer groups, and 8,239 farmers (4,238 Male and 4,001 Female).

MVIWAMA is governed by a Steering Committee composed of ten (10) farmers (7 Male: 3 Female). MVIWAMA also has a Board of Trustees elected by the general meeting and registered under RITA, capable to sue and be sued in the Organization’s Name, capable of owning properties, and of release property in the name of the organization. The management of MVIWAMA is currently formed by six (8) staff (Coordinator, Field Officers, Finance and Administration Officer, Secretary cum Cashier, Logistics Assistant cum Driver, Office Attendant, and Communication Officer. Currently, there are two volunteers in the Field department. The coordination office is located in Babati town for efficient and effective implementation of network activities. The Coordination Office is sufficiently furnished and has communication and Transport means. MVIWAMA has a five-year (2021 – 2025) strategic plan that needs to be revised.


“To unite smallholder farmers in strong, democratic, inclusive and professional groups and networks and progressively influence change in agricultural sector and promote favorable policies for smallholder farmers empowerment”.


“Empowered smallholder farmers working together to advocate, defend and advance their interests by influencing policies and systems”.