Farmers capacity building

Capacity building products

By sharing knowledge, training, and sharing experience, MVIWAMA provides practical answers to specific questions. We provide expertise and experts at any level of MVIWAMA, including governance and leadership, financial and operational management, financially sustainable services, Team building and group dynamics, Farmer Entrepreneurship (b|u|s), Lobbying and Advocacy (FACT), Value Chain & Enterprise Development.

MVIWAMA is locally established and is familiar with local issues faced by agricultural groups and networks. Together with our partners, we offer farmers access to high-quality practical knowledge and expertise.

We focus on the organizational strategy of groups and develop and/or reinforce an information structure and establish new value chains for agricultural products.

Training and Workshops

Management and Organization – professionalize groups and networks

Governance and Leadership – creating member commitment and strong groups and networks

Rural Financing and Financial Management – Provide convenient access to finance and effective and appropriate use of financial resources

Business Development – improve farmers’ income and service to members through farmer entrepreneurship (b|u|s), Marketing and Value chain development

Lobbying and Advocacy – Connect to policy and decision-makers for a favorable business environment